Scribe Post November 17,2009

Saturday, November 21, 2009
Hey class,sorry that this is late. I had a lot to do this week regarding volleyball and other stuff.This is what hat did on November 17.First of all we corrected homework that we did the day before. After we learned about the big word known as a RECIPROCAL.A reciprocal is two factors that when multiplied will give the product of one. Examples are...




All of those are reciprocals.

Also we learned about the Identity of One.The Identity of One is any number divided/multiplied by 1 is itself.Examples are...



Then Mr.Backe gave us this question out of the blue...

1/2 / 3/4= 1/2 * 4/3
= 4/6
= 2/3

These are steps of dividing fractions..
1)Find the Reciprocal of the divisor
2)Multiply both fractions by the reciprocal of the divisor
3)The divisor becomes 1.Anything divided by 1 is itself.
4)Simplify if possible.

Thank you for reading my very late scribe post and again sorry for it being late. Well enjoy and leave many comments Please.


Mr. B. said...

Magicman 17/1 = ? Try showing how to do divide using a mixed number.

Zerlina905 said...

Great job! But 17/1 doesn't equal one. It equals 17. And add more colours and pictures. This scribe is also very dull. Fix your mistakes. Great job again!

Lissa 9-05 said...

Awesome job! I also agree with Zerlina that you should add more colours and pictures because the scribe looks a little dull. Also, I think you should do spell check before publishing your post, their are a few mistakes that could be fixed easily. That is all, good job!

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