Question #16

Thursday, November 26, 2009
Hello, "THE CLASS" I am going to talk about Question #16.

Okay, so went over this in class, but in case you still don't understand I am going to explain.
So First you need to find how much cash Boris has.

So we know how much Boris has now, what about Charlie?

Alright Boris has $64, And Charlie has $19.20, and Anna has $ 25.60. The question asks us how much all three have together.

There a.) is Done HOORAY.

Now b.) the Question asks how much more money, Boris has then Charlie.

So here you need to subtract how much Boris has compared to Charlie. So $64.00 - $19.20= $44.20.

There is Question #16. Hope this made it clear. Please Comment!


angela905 said...

Good job Shaneille! This is the first time I'm first to comment on anyone's post! Great explanations and pictures. Though, you could have add more colour to your post. But, overall, you did great. :D

Mr. B. said...

Shaneille, I wonder if it would be possible to show the steps before the final answer? It would help explain what is going on. Remember we have a world wide audience that may not get it without all the steps. Good job though. Remember also the dollar sign when appropriate.

kristin9-05 said...

Great post Shaneille! Your explanations and pictures were really clear. I thought you could have answered the b with a sentance and explained what you did, but overall great post!

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