Question #28

Friday, November 6, 2009
Extend Question #28
Hey 9-05! We were all assigned a question which we're supposed to make a post and explain how to solve the question. Well I was assigned #28. Red=question and Orange=Value of Variable

Evaluate the following:
a) 3.6 + 2y, y= -0.5

1) They tell you the value of the variable so, you must fill that in (y= -0.5)

2) Follow PEDMAS: First multiply 2 with -0.5

3) A positive + a negative sign side by side = a negative sign

4) Add the addends together and recieve the sum

(m - 1.8) (m + 1.8), m=1.7

1) Fill in the values of the variables.

2) Answer the questions in the brackets

3) Multiply the answers from each bracket together

4) Recieve the answer.

4.5/q - q/4.5, q=-3.6

1) Fill in the Variables

2) To add/subtract fractions, they must have a Common Denominator. To create a common denominator. Simply add one the fraction by a an eqiuivalent fraction of 1. (eg. -1.25/-1.25) Now both of the denominators in every fraction is 4.5 .

3) Subtract the numerator by numerator. Yet don't do anything to the denominator.

4) You have your answer. If asked, reduce it to lowest terms.


Vikram 9-05 said...

Hey Joseph, nice post it really helped me understand this question better. And if you can make the division sign by pressing alt 2-4-6, like this ÷ :)

francisM9-05 said...

NIce post JOseph and I really like the pictures. You made a couple spelling errors(pedmas) but nice post though=)

Lissa 9-05 said...

HI JOSEPH! Great job on your post, I agree with Francis, there are a couple of spelling mistakes, such as "recieve", I think its supposed to be spelt "receive" but, I don't know I could be wrong. But, pedmas.. hm. You said PEDMAS because of parenthesis right? Because if thats the case, I'm pretty sure its right. Anyways, good job (;

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