Scribe Post for November 12, 2009

Thursday, November 12, 2009
Hello 9-05 its been a while since we had a scribe. With all the things that get in the way such as in service and take your kids to work day. But now were back! Today we played a card game using decimals and Mr. B wrote a web with the word fractions in the middle which should look a little something like this
*click on it to make it bigger*

The other thing we did in class was we played a card game. We first took out the face cards, jokers and 10's. So there are 2 players and they both get 2 cards. Even if both players have cards its only one persons turn. Say that its player 1's turn and we deal 2 cards to each person they flip over the card and they get

Player 1:
2 and 3

Player 2:
4 and 7

after the players get their cards they flip a coin which is red on one side and yellow on the other (red is positive and yellow is negative or vise-versa). If both players flip and both get red which is positive player 1 (since its his turn) has to try to make a number closest to zero using 2.3 and 4.7 (since those are closest you can get to zero). Lets say he puts the numbers together and gets 2.4 (4.7 - 2.3 = 2.4). Next both players get 2 cards again but this time its player 2's turn, so say they get

Player 1
5 and 7

Player 2
6 and 7

so they both flip the coin again but this time they both get negative. Since its player 2's turn he/she has to try to get as close to 0 by using -5.7 and -6.7. Lets say he gets 1 [-5.7-(-6.7) = 1]. Now you can see that Player 1 has 2.4 and Player 2 has 1 whoever is closest to zero which is Player 2 he gets two points . After you just repeat the process over.

Well that was my scribe, or my attempt at scribe. Hopefully you guys understand it or at least some of it. I'm not perfectly sure on the instructions of the game. Also I'm sorry for my messy writing in the picture. Soo now for the next scribe. THE NEXT SCRIBE IS.....KRISSA. So that's all sorry for the late night post.


Lissa 9-05 said...

GOOD JOB ON THE SCRIBE ADRIAN! (: Thanks for writing the fraction web down, I didn't take it down.. also, I think you should have add more colours, and added a few pictures showing how to play the card game, other than that, GOOD JOB(: Keep up the great work!

Dean 9-05 said...

good scribe adrian!
nice explanations, but maybe you can use some pictures or colour too.
haha, nonetheless, good job!

Zerlina905 said...

Great job Adrian! Sorry for the late comment! When I read your post, I didn't see much colour. It wasn't very eye catching. In your picture, you should have outlined the writing because it's hard to see. But overall, it was pretty good!

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