Scribe Post for March 25, 2010

Thursday, March 25, 2010
Hello 9-05 (:
I'm the scribe for today. This is actually my fourth scibe, and I'm not sure if everyone's done their third scribe, so I'll just tell Mr.B to pick someone later on.

Well anyways, today in math class we talked more about polynomials.
We also talked about the GCF, or Greatest Common Factor.
It is the highest number that divides exactly in two or more numbers.
Here are some examples:

Here are the questions we had to solve:

1. 16x + 40 = 8 (2x + 5)
2. 15n - 24 = 3 (5n - 8)
3. -a^4 + 3a^3 - 2a^2 = a^2 (-a^2 + 3a - 2)
4. 12x - 9x^2 - 3x^2 - 6x^4 = 3x (4 - 3x - x^2 - 2x^3)
5. b^5 - 3b^4 = b^4 (b - 3)
6. x^2 y^2 z - x^3 y^2 z^2 + x^4 y^2 = x^2 y^2 (z - xy^2 + x^2)
7. 14x^3 - 21x^2 + 28x^4 - 35x^3 = 7x^2 (2x - 3 + 4x^2 - 5x)
8. 3b^4 - 6b^5 - 3b^4 (1 - 2b)

After that, Mr.B told us to solve these two questions:

1. a (a + 7) + 6 (a + 7)
2. (a + 6) (a + 7)

The answers ended up the same, which was a^2 + 13a + 42.

The last thing we did was the easiest of all:

1. 6t (3t - 1) + 9 (3t - 1) = (3t - 1) (6t + 9)
2. 4z (5 + z) - 3 (5 + z) = (5 + z) (4z - 3)
3. 6 (2a + 3) - 3a (2a + 3) + 2a^2 (2a + 3) = (2a + 3) (6 - 3a + 2a^2)

Mr.B also reminded us to go to to play games over the break.

Well that's all for the scribe. We didn't do much, and sorry it's super short.
Like I said earlier, Mr.B will pick the next scribe (;


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hi Everyone, today was one of those days where we need to do work. Today we make our foldable. In the foldable you should have the following headings:
  • LINEAR RELATIONS (as a title)
  • KEY WORDS(first flap)
  • INTERPOLATE(second flap)
  • EXTRAPOLATE(third flap)
  • 6.1 MATH LINK(fourth flap)
  • 6.2 MATH LINK(fifth flap)
  • 6.3 MATH LINK(sixth flap)
  • WRAP IT UP(seventh flap)
You should have something like
In "Keywords" you should have the following key terms :

  • Linear Relation
  • Linear Equation
  • Numerical Coefficient
  • Variables
  • Constant
  • Interpolate
  • Exterpolate

By now you should have define the key terms.


-Math link Introduction

-Math link 6.1

-Create the Chapter 6 foldable, you ONLY need to make the key words part (linear relation, linear equation, interpolate, and extrapolate) and the side part where is says Interpolation and Extrapolation.

-Read through the beginning of chapter 6, and do CYU 2 and 3, Practise 4 or 5 or 6, then 7 or 8 or 9, Apply 2 of 11-14, and ALL of Extend.

-Workbook 6.1

For the next scribe I pick.... MELANIE

Scribe Post for March 23, 2010

Tuesday, March 23, 2010
Hi Classmates! We took some notes today for our brand new unit called LINEAR RELATIONS. Linear relations aren't that difficult once you understand how to do them.
First we took some notes about linear relations.

A linear relation is a relation that appears as a straight line when graphed. Like this...This linear relation is a positive co relation, the points line up, there are no negatives, and the points are ascending (going up). In a negative co relation the points descend (go down) and they involve negatives.

A linear EQUATION though, is an equation whose graph is a straight line. That means that you use the equation to make a graph. An example of a linear equation is

Mr. Backe also talked a little bit about parabolas. That is when a graph looks like this;
There is a curve in the graph, Mr. Backe didn't really explain it, so ask him if you are curious about it.

We also learned about pictorial patterns.
Mr. Backe asked us to draw what figure 4 and 5 would be. I drew those in. After that we had to make a table representing the relationship between the figure number and the number of squares.
We realized that the relationship between n and s was that 2 times n subtract 1 would equal s. In order to figure this out, usually you just play around with numbers until you find something that works.

The linear equation for that is s=2n-1. After that we graphed the numbers.

OK, on to homework! (AGGHH)

There is a lot of homework, but don't worry, it's not due until the Monday AFTER Spring Break! That's April 5Th!

HOMEWORK: (In this order)

-Math link Introduction

-Math link 6.1

-Create the Chapter 6 foldable, you ONLY need to make the key words part (linear relation, linear equation, interpolate, and extrapolate) and the side part where is says Interpolation and Extrapolation.

-Read through the beginning of chapter 6, and do CYU 2 and 3, Practise 4 or 5 or 6, then 7 or 8 or 9, Apply 2 of 11-14, and ALL of Extend.

-Workbook 6.1

P.S. make sure you start bringing graph paper to class.

COMMENT, I like comments, they make me feel special, so please comment!

For the next scribe I pick.... Christian!

Scribe Post for March 22, 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010
Hey Guys ! :) Today we bacically just played on We played with Save the Zogs. Here are some screen shots of the game.

If you take the first picture you basically have to save the Zogs by finding out what line they are. For example: if you look at the first photo the 4 Zogs. They make like a line. Right? What line do they cross ? If you look at it, it crosses through 6y so the line is y=6.

Sorry, that the last picture is too small to see. But on this last picture, it's different from the first picture I showed you. For this one you must use the tracking controls, to move the line and to rotate it. Then select the value for the equation, so that the line matches up with the Zogs.
So you either move or rotate or both, to get the line to match up with the Zogs. Then you have to determine the value of the equation.

To find out the answer if you don't see it. Here's an example on how to find the answer. On this question...

So the answer will be.

-write in your journal
-go and try the Math millionaire

Sorry, if i posted it too late. So anyways, props to Liem for the pictures. So, PLEASE COMMENT !!! HOPE YOU LIKE IT :D and the next scribe will be ..... Kara!!

Scribe Post for Friday March 19

Friday, March 19, 2010
Hey 9 -05! Today we basically just corrected our tests. Here are some of the questions that most people had trouble with.

(I'm not completely sure if these are the right ones, so if they aren't, please let me know)

19. Write a simplified expression for the area of this figure. What is the area of the figure?

A = 5y (7y - 4) multiply 5y by 7y and -4

5y (7y) = 35y^2 (y^2 means y squared)

5y (-4) = -20y

= 35y^2 - 20y

The area of the figure is 35y^2 - 20y square units. « simple sentence answer

20. Apply the distributive property to simplify 2x (x-4) - 3x (x - 4).

2x (x-4) -3x (x-4)
=2x^2 - 8x - 3x^2 + 12x remember that it's -3x (x-4). Multiply 2x(x-4) and -3x (x-4)
=2x^2 - 3x^2 - 8x + 12x then you combine like terms
=-x^2 + 4x

21. A pool table is twice as long as it is wide. If the area of the pool table is 2.88m^2, what are the dimensions of the table?

I find it helpful to draw a diagram

A = lw

2.88 = 2w(w)

2.88 = 2w^2

2.88/2 = 2w^2/2

1.44 = w^2

then you find the square root

1.2 = w

The length is 2 times the width

l = 2w The dimensions are length = 2.4m and width = 1.2m.

l = 2 (1.2)

l = 2.4

We also went over these two questions.

(x + 5)^2 = (x +5) (x+5)

= x^2 +5x + 5x +25

= x^2 +10x + 25

2. 3(x+2)^2 = 3 (x+2) (x + 2)

= (3x + 6) (x+2)

= 3x^2 + 6x + 6x + 12

= 3x^2 + 12x + 12


Get ready Chapter 6

go to and play "zogs"

Well, that's all for my scribe. If I missed anything, please let me know. PLEASE COMMENT! (also, I have no idea who hasn't done a scribe yet, so if you haven't, YOU'RE NEXT :P) Okay, bye.

Scribe Post for March 16, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010
Hey guys! Welcome back from a long, long weekend. Remember that today is Tuesday not Monday. Okay, today was just basically another work period. Here's a list to prepare you for the test!

How to prepare for Thursday's Test.
Do Chapter 7 Review and Test.
Be caught up with your homework, it'll show on your test.
Do the questions that you don't exactly understand and tell Backe.

Okay, in class we went over question 10.

A square is inscribed in a circle with radius r as shown. What is the ratio of the area of the square to the area of the circle?

Okay, I can't really help you with this question because I hardly understand it at all. I didn't want to copy the answers, and pretend like I knew it. If you don't understand either, I highly recommend that you visit Backe, as I will tomorrow. But don't worry, I'll get back to this question :/

Also remember that these are due shortly :
Chapter 5 Mathlinks, Foldable, etc.
Chapter 7 Wrap it Up.
Make sure your done !

March 11 Scribe

Thursday, March 11, 2010
Hello 9-05 today was pretty much a work period for us to catch up on some of the assignments due next week. So if you didn't know by now I should advise you that there is a TEST NEXT WEDNESDAY on chapter 5 and 7.

Here are other things that are due:

Tuesday- All extra practise and all workbook for both chapter 5 and 7.

Friday- Stash it.

In your stash it there should be:

  • Chapter 5 stuff that was originally due before
  • Chapter 7 text book mathlinks and wrap it up
  • 2 or 3 tests signed
Remember to get the stash-it done because this is worth 20% of your final math mark for chapter 5 and 7.

Okay I think that I am about done so if I made any mistakes just comment.

Scribe Post for March 10,2010

Wednesday, March 10, 2010
Hi 9-05 today as you know we learned about dividing polynomials. But if you forgot about it, here's a recap of what we did.

Today Ms.Yoo taught us about dividing polynomials. She started first in drawing a polynomial tiles in the projector thing

If you didn't get that, we used division to figure out the missing polynomials in the multiplication statement. So in order to do that you divide the answer(6x-8x) to the first statement (2x) in order to get the answer (3x-4)

Then after that Ms.yoo showed us a problem using Dividing Polynomials.

-What is the ratio of the surface area to the radius of cylinder

If you didn't get that, in order to do this problem you need to divide the area of the cylinder by the ratio to get you answer.

That's pretty much all the things we did today, the rest of the class, Ms.Yoo showed us our homework se we can work on it


-Read 272-274

-CYU 2, 4or5, 6or7, 8-18

-workbook 7.3

-7.3 extra practice sheets

While working on that, Mr.Backe told us the things we needed for out stash-its


-all chp. 5 material with 2 test signed

-the mathlinks for chp.7 in the textbook not the sheets

(I think that's pretty much it, if you have more that you knoe then feel free to comment.)

For the next scribe I choose JAI...

Thanks for reading my Scribe....

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hey 9-05! Today in math class, we didn't do much but Mr.B gave us an overview of what were going to learn on the the next unit, 7.6 (SIMPLIFYING POLYNOMIALS WITH POWER) and sometime this week were also going to learn how to devide polynomials or factoring polynomials.

He also gave us examples:

* Do the exponent.
* Then the binomial multiplied by binomial rule applies(First Outside Inside Last) also known as Distributive Property.


In this problem there are common factor in the numerator(top) and denominator(bottom). One way of solving it is I can seperate Division into two fraction. For more details just wait till the teacher talks about it in class.

Today we also talked about the homework that needs to be done.
Homework that needs to be done:

7.1 and 7.2 Workbook

7.1 and 7.2 Extra Practice

7.1 and 7.2 Text Book

7-3 Exercise

7-4 Exercise

Daffinition Decoder


We Hand in our stash it with chapter 7

Soon we will have our very first pi day(Yaaay), ARE YOU EXCITED? well before I end this scribe let me tell you a short summary about what pi day is. Pi day is when we celebrate the number 3.1459........ and so on, on march 14 (03/14). Pi is a Greek letter is for the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. the symbol for pi was first used in 1706 by some guy named William Jones.... Well that's it for now. Sorry if this scribe is boring.

Well, I hope that there's nothing more to talked about, if i missed something


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