Question 12

Sunday, November 29, 2009
Hello. I kind of forgot about this, and so I shall be doing it late. I was assigned questions 12, and if you already know, it includes a lot of addition and subtraction. Here's what the question looks like. Anyways, the questions will be placed in the slide below, as it's easier to read as opposed to a long post.

Comment on mistakes, or if anything is misunderstood. Also comment if you just wanted to say good job. (: Keep up the good work 9-05!


Lissa 9-05 said...

GOOD JOB DEAN! I like your colours, and how you used that method with the presentation. (: I would just like to say, a friendly reminder about the cyber bullying stuff. You put your last name in your presentation. Other than that, good job and keep it up! (:

magicman8-41 said...

Great Job Dean!!!

Brendan 9-05 said...

Great Job Dean!!! Your use of colour was very good. You also did a great job on explaining how to do question 12. You made it very easy to understand if you didn't already know how to answer it. Overall great post.

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