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Friday, November 27, 2009
Hello everyone, I am going to try to make you understand this question.

My Blog question is:

To calculate -3/4 + (-2/ 3), Amy decided to convert the fractions to decimals and convert the decimals on a scientific calculator.
a) Explain why she had difficulty in determining the exact answer by this method.
b) How should she calculate to get an exact answer?

A) Amy had a problem with this question because -2/3 is a repeating number. She would have to round the decimal which would not give her an exact answer.


The decimal equivalent to -1 5/12 is -1.41666... repeating.

The fraction is in its lowest terms so it can't be simplified anymore. And I guess we are done.


linda 9-05 said...

Hey Vikram! This is a nice post! However, it just just a few minor errors. Beside your picture you wrote "The Decimal equivalent to ..." Instead you should have put "The decimal equivalent to..." The D is capitalized when it shouldn't be. There are some slight grammatical errors as well. Be sure to check over your post before posting. Great job!

Mr. B. said...

Thanks Vikram. A quick minor fix to we're done from were done. Otherwise nicely done.

Karen9-05 said...

Good Job Vikram ! Again no mistakes other than the ones Mr. Backe and Linda pointed out, I tried to look for more but there's none. good Job and very well explained.

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