Question Number 25

Sunday, November 8, 2009
This is my blog post for my homework, question number 25.

Sorry this is late, to my fellow classmates.

25) Create a word problem that involves operations with rational numbers in decimal form. Make sure you can solve your problem. Then, have a classmate solve your problem.

A) Casey likes basketball. So he's on a basketball team. Casey goes to practice every Monday and Friday. He practices on Monday for 1.8 hours. On Friday he practices for 120 min. What is the difference between Monday and Friday's practices in minute form.

Solution) First you would convert Monday's hours into minutes. = 140 min.
Secondly you would then just subtract Friday's hours from Mondays, because Friday is already in minute from.
140 - 120 = 20 min.
20 min is the difference.

Please comment on my mistakes ! Thank you !


Mr. B. said...

Check your math,Frank

MikeMcilveen said...

Okay 1.8 hours is 1 hour and 8/10 of an hour. Since 1/10 of an hour is 6 minutes, then 8/10 must be 8 x 6 minutes = 48 minutes. Total is 60 minutes + 48 minutes = 108 minutes. Anyone for metric time? ;-)

magicman8-41 said...

haha.niice franky!!had to use mee? good job though!

xtian 9-05 said...

Good job frank! but how do you know that the .8 of 1.8 is 140 minutes?

Dean 9-05 said...

good job frank! all you had to do was fix up your math, then its all good. haha add in some colour too, it would help
keep it up with the posts!

alyannaL 8-17 said...

heey kiko! you need color! lol, and check your math ;) AHAHA, i dont even know whats wrong with it.. but its wrong. It looks wrong. Check it! :) Oh yeah put some pictures on it! Some people are visual learners! hint hint :DDD

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