Homework # 17

Friday, November 6, 2009
Hey 9-05! So I was assigned question 17 from apply in the math text book. When I looked at the question I was really upset cause backe skipped Angela and went straight to me. I think it was because I said his joke wasn't funny. Anyways when I actually read the question I realized that it was pretty simple. So thanks backe.

17. Two wooden poles measured 1.35m and 0.83m in length. To make a new pole they were attached by overlapping the ends and tying them together. The length of the overlap was 12cm. What was the total length of the new pole in metres?

So the first step that I did was converting 12 cm into metres, so I divided 12 by 100 and got 0.12m.

Now I added the two poles length together: 1.35 + 0.83= 2.18

Like we did with surface area, we have to take away the part where it overlaps:


The new length of the pole is 2.06m. I hope I explained the question well, if I didn't please comment!


Kim9-05 said...

awesome post there Simran. You explained it very well!I understand what you were trying to say!^^good job

angela905 said...

Good job Simran! Great pictures and explanations. Though you could use more colours! :D

Lissa 9-05 said...

HI SIMRAN! Awesome job on your post! Your explanations on how to solve this question are very clear and understanding. Great amount of colours, and I like your picture of the wooden poles (:

alyannaL 8-17 said...

heey heey heey! :) Good job on your post. Very nice use of colors, I like how its arranged it easy to understand. Keep it up! (yy)

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