Question Number 13

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hey 9-05,sorry for the latness.I just got home.I just want to get out that GOODLUCK to all volleyball teams this weekend and next weekend and lets hope you win!The question for homework I'm doing is question 13. The question is...

The diameter of Pluto is 6/17 the diameter of Mars.Mars is 17/300 the diameter of Saturn.
A)What fraction of the diameter of Saturn is the diameter of Pluto?
B)The diameter of Saturn is 120 00 km.What is the diameter of Pluto?

A) In order to get your answer you need take the diameter of Mars and the diameter of pluto and multiply them together then simplify to the lowest answer possible.
B) In order to get the answer for this question you'll need to take the answer 1/5 and multiply it by 120,000 and you'll get your answer.

A)6/17 * 17/300=102/5100=1/50
B)1/50(120 000)=2400km

Pluto has a diameter of 2400 km.


Mr. B. said...

Mr magicman good job on the post.

simran 9-05 said...

Great job Casey! You could have explained your answers more to make it easier to understand. But other than that good post!

magicman8-41 said...

there simran you happy?haha.jk

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