How to Solve Question # 22

Friday, November 27, 2009
Hi 9-05 it's Jai here coming to you with question #22. For those of you who didn't understand this question I will try to explain it to you so next time that you see question #22 you can say "Hey I know how to solve this!"

The question goes something like this......

Taj has three scoops for measuring flour. The largest scoop holds 2 1/2 as much as the smallest one. The middle scoop holds 1 3/4 as much as the smallest one.
Describe 2 different ways in which Taj could measure each of the following quantities. He can only use full scoops.
a) 3 1/4 as much as the smallest one.
b) 1/2 as much as the smallest one.

So to figure out question (a) out you are going to have to have the following things. Empty cups of each measuring cup, a flour bag, and any container that is big enough to hold more than 3 1/4.

Once you have completed this you have to now fill up the largest measuring cup.

After that fill up the middle measuring cup by pouring as much flour as you can from the largest cup into the middle cup. Once you have done this the largest cup will have 3/4 of flour left.

Once this is done, pour the flour from the largest measuring cup that is left into the random container. Once this is completed. Empty all of the measuring cups into the flour bag and repeat this process 2 more times ensuring that the random container is filled with 2 1/4 as much flour as the smallest measuring cup.

Now the last step into solving question (a) is to fill up the smallest measuring cup and pouring that flour into the random container filling it up to 3 1/4 which question (a) asks for.
Now that we have solved question (a) on to the easiest question to solve which is question (b). To solve this question all you have to do is fill up the largest measuring cup first. Then you empty that measuring cup twice into the smallest measuring cup. Each time that you fill up the smallest measuring cup remember to empty it into the flour bag afterwards.
Once this is completed, the amount of flour that you will have left in the largest measuring cup will be the amount that question (b) asks which is 1/2 as much as the smallest measuring cup.
If you still don't understand what I am trying to say, just ask me at school, and I will try to explain this question even better than I have in this post. Comment if I made any mistakes any mistakes. Thanks for reading!


Mr. B. said...

Nicely done Jai. A tough question to answer but you figured it out. Thanks for the post.

Karen9-05 said...

Good Job Jai. Good use of pictures too, it helped me understand it more. Thanks and Good JOb ! keep it up (:

Brendan 9-05 said...

Great Job Jai!! You pictures are very well done and easily visible. Your explaining is very understandable and if I didn't know how to do this question I would know after reading yours. Great job and keep it up.

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