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Friday, November 27, 2009
Hi 9-05! I'll be here to explain to you all how to do question 13 in our textbooks!

13. The diameter of Pluto is 6/17 of the diameter of Mars. Mars is 17/300 the diameter of Saturn.
a) What fraction of the diameter of Saturn is the diameter of Pluto?

Okay, so the first thing we do is organize our information.

What We Know:
Pluto = 6/17 diameter of Mars
Mars = 17/300 diameter of Saturn

Find Pluto's diameter of Saturn

Of - indicates multiplying
Fraction - indicates the answer form

Okay, now we can begin with actually answering the question.

How To, and Why?:
Since the word "of" is present, we need to multiply. Our goal is to find Pluto's diameter or Saturn so we multiply Pluto's diameter or Mars by Mars' diameter of Saturn because Mars' diameter is in relation to Saturn, and Pluto's diameter is in relation to Mars.

Wow, that was really ugly and time consuming. Let's try that again!
That's much better. Go ahead, try it on your calculator! It should work.

b) The diameter of Saturn is 120 000 km. What is the diameter of Pluto?
Okay, so we know Pluto's diameter of Saturn now, which is 1/50. But, just because, let's organize our information again, shall we?

What We Know:
Pluto's diameter of Saturn: 1/50
Saturn's diameter: 120 000 km
Measurement: Kilometers

To find Pluto's diameter in kilometers

Kilometer - indicates what unit of measurement the answer should be

Okay, so since we know what Pluto's diameter of Saturn, and we know what Saturn's diameter in kilometers, all we need to do is multiply.

So that's how you do it! Comment if you're confused, have any questions, or just because! :)


Abby905 said...

Hello Linda! Great job on the blog post! You used a great amount of color and pictures! You're blog post helped me understand this question better! Thank you! guess what? I'm first to comment! COOL~! Keep up the good work, Linda! ;D

Mr. B. said...

Linda a small minor mistake... reducing to simplifying ... good job otherwise.

Karen9-05 said...

Good Job Linda. I think it is very detailed and you explained everything very well ! you did use a lot of color and pictures and that's a great thing (: Good Job again !

shaneille 9-05 said...

Great Job Linda. Your explained everything well, but your first explaination kind of confused me, but great colour and pictures.

alyannaL said...

Dear Duck, Good job on your scribe! :) It is so easy to understand. I like the use of color and the way you explained it. Keep up the good work! :)

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