Question 21

Friday, November 27, 2009
Hey Everybody! Ok well let's get started...the question was,

Question #21:
a) 1/3(2/5-1/2)+3/10

b) 3/4 ./. 5/8-3/8 ./. 1/2 (./.=divided by)

c)one 1/2+one 1/2(-two 5/6+1/3)

Starting with A you have to do the parenthesis first which you equal -1/10 and then you just put them together...
1/3-1/10+3/10 which now looks pretty simple..when you add them up you get 8/15!!

Next is B first of all, you kind of break it apart like this, (3/4 ./. 5/8)-(3/8 ./. 1/2) next you do the parenthesis, the first would be one 1/5 and the second one would be 6/8, simplified would be 3/4 then you just put it together like this.
one 1/5-3/4=9/20!!

(edited)Next would be C and well I THOUGHT this would be hard...but now after Mr.B helped me and told me what I did wrong I get it now. You have to think BEDMAS or PEDMAS it's practically the same thing. But anyways you first have to do the brackets or the parenthesis. If you did it correctly, you should have gotten this answer= -two 1/2 then the next part in BEDMAS is multiplication because the bracket is touching the one 1/2. Then you should've got -three 3/4 by now. Then the last part would be adding the other one 1/2 which would equal= -two 1/4!!! YAY I finally got it.

Now please comment if there there are anymore mistakes~


MikeMcilveen said...

Great post, Marc, since now I have to think what answer is right, and I'm going with the logic you gave (not the calculator), because you made good sense. Still, are you using a cheap calculator or a good one like TI-Multiview? ($20 worth it)

Mr. B. said...

Marc, my boy, think PEDMAS for question C. I'm thinking you jumped one step. Try again.

Aleiah 905 said...

Good job Marc, but I think that you should fix the divide signs. They kind of make the question look confusing.

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