Sunday, November 29, 2009
Hey guys... sorry mine was so late, that's because I'm so busy the last two days. By the way Mr.B assigned me the gold bar question.
- A gold bar has a mass of 1 and 1/3 kg. You wish to cut off exactly 1/2 kg. What fraction of the bar should you cut off? Explain.
so what they really asking you is, what fraction would 0.5 kg be of 1.33?or how many 1/2 are there in 1 and 1/3 not how much would be left if you cut off 1/2 ot of 1 and 1/3
to figure that out al you have to do is devide them with each other (Note when you devide fractions you need to write division as multiplication by the reciprocal of the devisor)

What i did:

Well I'm done, hope you understand my scribe, plss comment if If i did something wrong. Okie I have to do my music presentation. - Text Generator
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linda 9-05 said...

Hi Xtian! Nice post here! I like the graphic at the bottom. What you need to do to make this post better is definitely spell check your post. There are many spelling errors in the first couple of paragraphs. You should also do is space out your paragraphs a bit. It helps with organizing. Also, if you've made a mistake on a drawing that you took a picture of for your post, you can always just cut it out on paint or something. Great job, Xtian!

Mr. B. said...

I am confused! How can I cut 2 2/3 bars if I only have one bar? I think you need to rethink your answer.

magicman8-41 said...

i like your post...its on fire!!!haha

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