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Friday, November 27, 2009
Hey 9-05! Mr.B assigned us some math questions again, and I got number 18. Here it goes. Oh and make sure to comment about my post, please point out some of my mistakes to make my post better! :)

Here it goes!

One ninth of the height of an iceberg was above the surface of the water. The iceberg extended to a depth of 75.8 m below the surface. What was the height of the iceberg above the surface? Express your answer to the nearest tenth of a metre.

Here's a picture to help you out.

Okay, we know that the iceberg below the water is 75.8m and the iceberg above is one ninth. We need to find what the measurement of one ninth of the iceberg. So we have to divide the measurement of the iceberg below by 8. Now, if your wondering why we have to divide it by eight, it is because it is eight ninths of the iceberg. How do we know 75.8m is eight ninths? Well if you read the question, the question tells us that the iceberg that is above the water is one ninth, so that makes the bottom below the water eight ninths. So we have to divide the numbers.
So, when we divide the two numbers we get 9.475. Wait! The question tells us to round the measurement to the nearest tenth. When we round the number 9.475 we get 9.5. Also, we must not forget to add the unit value! Which is meters. One ninth of the iceberg is 9.5m. The height of the iceberg above the water is 9.5m. Now we've got the answer!
Thanks for reading guys. Reminder, please comment on my post to make it better! :)


Karen9-05 said...

heeeeeeey tracey. wow first to comment? well, the only mistake i found was "forget" instead of the you put "for get". that's not really a big thing LOL just wanted to point it out. you explained everything really well, enough said. Great job ! keep up the good work !

Mr. B. said...

Good job explaining Tracey. Fix little boo-boo Karen found.

alyannaL said...

YO BEST FRIEND! :) As if you did all this! I'm proud, LOL. jk :) I like how you drew your iceberg (yy) Oh and good job explaining everything! Keep it up, I give you props !! :)

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