Question 20

Friday, November 6, 2009

The question that I got to do for the textbook is #20
I Never really liked this question but it was assinged so I have to do it and I didn't get it on how to do this so the one you're going to see is pretty much a guess

And the question was:
Research to find out the current price of gasoline in Calgary, Alberta. It is 300 km from Calgary to Edmonton. How much would it cost to drive this distance in a car with a fuel consumption of 5.9 L/100 km than in a car with a fuel consumption of 9.4 L/100 km? Give your answer in dollars, expressed to the nearest cent.

--We need to find out which one is better to travel from Calgary to Edmonton

*We know that the Gas price in Calgary is $88.9 as I searched in the computer.

*We're trying to find out which one is better to use, the 5.9L/100km or 9.4/100km

*NOw the rest of the things I'm going to do is only on my desire and I don't know if it's right.

=)I'm going to multiply each of them by 3 because there'e 300 km and it's /100 km so 100*3 would equal 300. And of course what we do with this we also have to do with the other one.

--5.9*3= 17.7

*_*Now we have to multiply the asnwer by the gas price but of course we can't multiply 17.7 by 88.9 because that means multiplying $88.9 by 17.7 and there's no gas that cost that much so we have to turn 88.9 so that means dividing the number by 100 and we get 0.889 so now we can solve it

--(17.7)(0.889) = $15.7353

So that means that it wouls cost you $15.73 to get from Calgary to Edmonton

Of course we have to do the other on to:

We now have to do the 9.4/100km and we have to do the same method with this one like what we did on the other one.
--(9.4)(3) = 28.2

*-*Now that we have 28.2, we have to multiply it again with the cent (0.889)

* and of course we get the answer $24.9852 as the total amount of getting to Calgary to Edmonton using the litres.

Now we need to subtract the difference between the answer between (15.7535) and (24.9852)

So now the Difference between the litres B is $9 from Litres A
So the answer is:

So that means that 5.9/100km is the better one to use than 9.4/100km
And that it's better to use the 5.9 to get to Edmonton that the 9.4

That's All and thank you for reading my posts..........*_*


Zerlina905 said...

Great post Francis M! I really like your pictures and great use of colour! You made a few spelling errors and the gas price is 88.9 CENTS not dollors. And you didn't explain why or how you get from 88.9 CENTS to 0.889 CENTS! You should fix that. But overall it was nice!

francisM9-05 said...

I did and I said that you have to divide it by a 100 to get 0.889

Kim9-05 said...

Good job to explain your thinking.YOU do have some spelling errors like what zerlina said. Before I didn't quite understand this but now I kind of do!^^

Lissa 9-05 said...

GREAT JOB FRANCIS! Your post has alot of pictures! And great use of colours too!

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