Scribe for September 30

Wednesday, September 30, 2009
Hey class, today we went to the lab and played on the site which had games like transformations, space blocks ,platonic solids and the game that most of us played turtle geometry.
For homework we had to do our journal, which we do everyday. Also tomorrow we have a test, so STUDY. I recommend looking at section 1.2 on the self assessment sheet to see what you need to actually study.

Link to Reflection game:

One game was Reflection. In this game they asked us simple questions, like what happens to its reflection on the other side of the line when you drag the shape.

In this picture it shows when you drag the image around, nothing changes. The image always is reflected perfectly.

So the other game I played was called platonic solids. Well at first I didn`t know what a platonic solid was. Then I found out that it is any one of five solids, whose faces are congruent regular polygons and whose polyhedral angles are all congruent. So it`s pretty much a normal solid. In the game we had to tell the characteristics of the shape. Unfortunately I couldn`t get the link ,but go to the site and check it out for your self.

So that's my scribe! Remember that we have a test tomorrow, and please comment (:
I pick Angela for the next scribe!

Scribe for Tuesday September 29 2009

Tuesday, September 29, 2009
Hi, 9-05! Today we had a bit of homework, which was to study for our test on Thursday, to accept the blog authorship and to write in your journal (which you should be doing daily).

In class we were using 3D shapes (i.e cube, rectangular prism, isosceles triangular prism, etc.) and counted the lines of symmetry. When you are counting the lines of symmetry of a 3D object you have to count the lines as if they're like saws cutting through the object. You can see the equality better that way. This is plane of symmetry. When you're looking for lines of symmetry, it's easier to look for two faces that are parallel to eachother.

Towards the end of class we discussed nets of rectangles and cubes. We were given graph paper and were instructed to make a 2x2 cube and a 3x2x1 rectangle. We found that 6s² is the most elegant algebraic expression for surface area of a cube. You multiply 6 by one side (currently represented as s), and you square that because cubes are equal all around. We didn't have enough time to confirm what the proper algebraic expression is for a rectangle, so hopefully we will by tomorrow! :P

Remember ...
Tessellation means tiling, having to do with patterns.
The corner of a shape or figure is called a vertex.
... to study for the test :)

Feel free to comment if I've missed anything. Good luck everyone!

Let's make this a good year.

Monday, September 28, 2009
Hello 9-05.
I know the past few weeks have been tough, since everything is so new to us.
With all the extra curricular activities that some of us have been joining for credits, it's getting a bit tough to find a balance. Let's finish this year off strong, let's be the class that people will remember. Good luck to you on all your assignments which you and I should be doing right now. Bye!

By the way, yay for me being the first post :)

905 Math test blog post

Friday, September 18, 2009
905 Math test blog post