Question #21

Thursday, November 26, 2009
Hey 9-05, as you may know we were suppose to make a post for questions we got assigned from the text book. I was assigned question 21. Also I'm really sorry for the picture quality!


For question A you had to use pedmas. So you first had to solve what was in the brackets. Next was the multiplication. Last was the adding. My answer was the simplified version of 8/30. I got that version by finding the common denominator which was 2, then all you had to do was show how many times 2 went into the numbers.

For question b you had to use reciprocals. So basically the opposite of the factors. For dividing you end up multiplying and when doing that you can cancel out factors that have common factors. For instance I canceled out 4 and 8 because 4 went into both 8 and itself. Then you would replace the factor with the number that goes into it.


For question c you had to use pedmas again. This question was probably the hardest one fro my to solve, because I had to multiply negative numbers. But overall after trying and trying to figure it out all you had to do was solve what was in the brackets, then multiply and finally add. After all of the trouble it was pretty easy to figure out when actually looking at the work.

That's my post! Please comment and tell me if I did anything wrong, or to compliment me (:


Mr. B. said...

Simran. You got it right and you used Pedmas or is that Pemdsa? Great post.

shaneille 9-05 said...

Great Job Simran! Not fair you got an easy question. Anyways, your first picture is blurry. You explained everything.

angela905 said...

Great post Simran! Good explanations, though your pictures are kind of blurry like Shaneille said. Also you could use more color, anyways, good job again :D

simran 9-05 said...

Well shanielle I told you in the begging that they were going to be blurry, because my labtop paint sucks

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