Question Number 23

Saturday, November 7, 2009
Hey 9-05. Sorry this is late. I had a volleyball tourney yesterday and i didn't do it. Her es question number 23 for you guys who don't understand it. The question was...One week in October in Iqaluit, Nunavut, the daily high temperatures were -4.6°C, -0.5°C, 1.2°C, 2.3°C, -1.1°C, 1.5°C, -3.0°C. What was the mean daily high temperatures for that week?

Step One: Order all your numbers or decimals into ascending order.

Step Two:Add them all together.

Step Three:Divided your answer by the amount of numbers seen in the equation.

Once you have done all these steps it should look like this...


Then you divide 4.2/7

Your answer will come out too..... -0.6

Sorry this is so late. Agin I had a volleybal tourney and I could only do this now. PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS!!!


angela905 said...

Good effort, but in my opinion, you should check your spelling before you publish. Also to have addtion signs instead of commas, because it would make more sense. You also could use more color. I would also like to suggest to put the answer in a sentence, if it's a word problem. That's all.

Abby905 said...
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Abby905 said...

Hello there! Good blog post! I agree with Angela, I think you should check your spelling before you publish, too. I think you should also show how to do the steps to make it look easier.

Lissa 9-05 said...

Hey Casey! Like what Angela anad Abby said, I also think you should check your spelling errors before you publish. I think you should have added more colours and pictures. Also, while you are explaining how you solved the problem, you could show how to do it along the way for those who understand better when they see it visually, then just reading it.

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