Question #22

Friday, November 6, 2009
Hi everyone, today I am going to help you solve question number 22 in our math links book for section 2.2. The question goes something like this....

An aircraft is flying at an altitude of 2950 m. It decsended for 3 minutes 2.5 m/s and then decsended for 2.5 minutes at 2.8 m/s. What was the plains altitude after the decsent.

So to start off, we first have to look at how long it decsended, and how many metres it went down each second it went down. For this question we know that it decended two times. For it's first decsend it went down for 3 minutes and for each second in that minute it went down 2.5 meteres.

Now that we know how long it decsended for in its first decsend, and how many metres it went down for each second in that minute we have to find out how many seconds are in 3 minutes. Once we have determined the amount of seconds 3 minutes consists of, we are going to multiply that answer by how many metres in went down per second. In this case we have to multiply 180 by 2.5 to give us an answer of 450.

Once we have finished with the first decsent, we have to remember that we have another decsent still waiting for our answer. For this descent we have to find the amount of seconds in 2 and a half minutes. To find that out you add 120 (2 minutes) by 30 (half of a minute) to get an answer of 150 seconds. Now you just simply multiply 150 by the amount of metres each second the plain decsended by. Your equastion should look somthing like this. 150 x 2.8.

Once you have solved that equastion, just easily add both of your answers together to get your final answer. Your final answer should be 2080 m.
That's all I have to say for now and hope that you understood what I was telling you. Please comment if I have made any mistakes.... Thanks for reading!


JosephD 9-05 said...

Good job Jai! You explained really well, but I have a few suggestions. I think you should use some pictures to explain what is happening and watch out for some spelling mistakes.

Vikram 9-05 said...

Nice post Jai. I have to agree with Joseph about the spelling mistakes. Also I noticed you have a couple grammar errors.

Lissa 9-05 said...

GOOD JOB JAI! You explained alot! Maybe you should post some pictures next time to show how you are solving these questions, also, some colour would be nice too (:

traceyS 9-05 said...

Hi Jai, good job! I also have to agree with Joseph and Vikram. You do have some spelling mistakes, make sure to check your work before you publish it. Also, I think you should've added some more pictures! But either than that you did a good job! :)

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