Question #15

Friday, November 6, 2009
15.) In dry air, the temperature decreases by about 0.65 degrees Celsius for each 100 meter increase in altitude.

a.) The temperature in Red Deer, Alberta, is 10 degrees Celsius on a dry day. What is the temperature outside an aircraft 2.8 kilometers above the city.

The picture is not really clear I'm going to explain it:
a.) The answer is -8.2 degrees C at 2.8 km.
How did I get this? I added 10 degrees by negative 18.2 degrees.
How did I get -18.2
*1 km is equal to 1000 m.

b.) The temperature outside an aircraft 1600 meters above Red Deer is -8.5 degrees Celsius. What is the temperature in the city?

b.) The answer is 1.9 degrees Celsius.
How did I get this? I added negative 8.5 and 10.4 degrees together and got 1.9.
How did I get 10.4? (0.65/100)x(1600)

It might not make sense, it was hard for me to explain it. Sorry, if it's late Mr. Backe. I was supposed to be done before 6 but the picture thing was'nt working properly. Like, whenever i upload my pics it doesn't show, it's just a small little box. There was just lot's of problems, I'm sorry it's okay if I get low marks.


shaneille 9-05 said...

Good Job Karen! But i don't quite understand your pictures, and then when you wrote *how did I get this* you didnt really explain, maybe you could explain your thinking more.

Abby905 said...

Hello Karen! Great job on the blog post! I like the fact that you used pictures, but I agree with Shanielle. I think you should explain your thinking. But your post made me kind of understand on how to solve this question.

kristin9-05 said...

Great job Karen! You explained how you got the answer, but you didn't really explain clearly. You should say why you added, divided, ect. things together to get the answer you did. But overall, great job! :D

Lissa 9-05 said...

Awesome job Karen! Your explanations on how you got the answers are kind of confusing, I don't really understand it. Cool airplane picture though (:

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