Numbaa 19 :)

Sunday, November 29, 2009
Hey guys! :) Sorry this is late, I haven't been home in a while. HAHHA, don't chop my head up "Mr.B" Anyways, I got number 19 for my post thing.

I got the answers by using that a+b=c method we learned.

c) 8/13

d) -1 1/2
I don't know how to show C and D. I need to ask "Mr.B" for help. I'll have it up tommorrow :)


Mr. B. said...

Hey shorty... how did you get the answers?

Karen9-05 said...

heeeeeeey. good job on the post but mr. b is right. you need to put how you got the answers for each one.

xtian 9-05 said...

Good job on getting the post done but you need to put how you got the answers.....

traceyS 9-05 said...

hey bestfriend :) make sure you finish fixing your post. either than that good job :)

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