Scribe Post for November 13, 2009

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hello 9-05 ! Sorry, that's this is a late post. So, let's do a recap on yesterday's class. We went to the computer lab and Mr. Backe showed us some sites that we can go to, like and

First, we went to and we went on Fraction Adding. Here's an example on what we did on this site.

Here's the instruction :
To find a common denominator, use the up and down arrow buttons located under each whole.
The up arrow button increases the number of parts a whole is divided into. The down arrow key decreases the number of parts.

For this question the denominator is going to be 6 because both 3 and 2 goes into 6.

Here's the second instruction :
Once a common denominator has been identified, type the names of the equivalent fractions into the appropriate boxes. Check your answer by clicking the Check button. If you have correct names with the same denominator, the next step in addition will appear.

Now the last part of this question is adding this all together.

The second site that we went on is
On this site, we first had to sign up for an account. After we made an account, we went on Problem Solving Game called Raindrops.On this game, we had to solve the equation before is falls down. During the game, we will see a sun. And if you got the question inside the sun right, all the other raindrops will dry up. Then, if you can't an equation, the water well rise. If you missed three raindrops, the game well be over.

- read 2.3 from the textbook.
- write in our journals

Thanks for reading my post :) Sorry that it's late. Hopefully you guys understood my post. PLEASE comment on my mistakes and I'll try better next time. So, THE NEXT SCRIBE WILL BE ... CHRISTIAN ! Have a great week-end!


Lissa 9-05 said...


JosephD 9-05 said...

Good Job Krissia! Good use of color and i like your pictures.

angela905 said...

Great scribe Krissia! Good use of colours, pictures, and explanations. :D

kristin9-05 said...

Great scribe Krissia! You had some really nice pictures and great use of color. Though you did have some grammer mistakes, you did an awsome job! :)

Dean 9-05 said...

o0o, nice scribe krissia!
loved the big pictures, and the use of colour that went along with everything. Good explanations as well. As kristin said, there were a few grammer mistakes, but it's math anyways.
good job, keep it up!

linda 9-05 said...

Hi Krissia! You need to put adding fractions for labels!

xtian 9-05 said...

Hi Krissia, good job but i agree with linda you need to put adding fraction as a label.

Zerlina905 said...

Great job Krissia! I'm so sorry for commenting 5 days late. I haven't been on for a few days. Anyways, I really like all of your pictures and all of the colours. It really catched my eyes even before I read it. You made a few minor spelling mistakes but it doesn't really matter. Great job again!

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