Question #16

Friday, November 6, 2009
Hi fellow 9-05 classmates. Kara here, and my blog post is going to be on question number 16 from page 61 in the textbook. ENJOY!

Bella is more comfortable working with integers than with positive and negative decimal numbers. This is her way of understanding -4.3 + 2.5

a)Use Bella's method to determine 6.1 + (-3.9).

Okay, so for this one you have to put the decimal into fraction form. For that you have to multiply 6.1 x 10 which equals 61. Then you divide 61 by 10, so that it looks like this: 61/10. After that you multiply -3.9 x 10 which equals -39. Then you divide -39 by 10, so that it looks like this: -39/10. After that you add the two together (use a number line if that helps). The answer should be 22 tenths. Finally you convert 22 tenths back into 2.2 (shown above).

b)How could you modify Bella's method to determine 1.25 -3.46?

Well, to make this one work, you should probably use hundredths instead of tenths. Let me explain.

1.25 in words is one and twenty-five hundredths. That is why you use hundredths. It's the same for 3.46, that one is three and forty-six hundredths.

I hope that you can understand my scribe. I also hope that you enjoyed reading it! If I made no sense, PLEASE COMMENT AND TELL ME THAT :]


Mr. B. said...

Check the answer to b.

shaneille 9-05 said...

Great Job Kara! But I am not sure I understand B. Your picture kind of confuses me. Maybe you could use a bigger paper or do it on paint next time.

Aleiah 905 said...

Good job Kara! I understood all the things you said

Lissa 9-05 said...

Your post is very nice Kara! I like your pictures and colours that you used. Also, great explanations.

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