Question #9

Friday, November 27, 2009
HI, EVERYONE !! Today I'm going to try and explain question #9 from the textbook.

Lori owed her mother $39. Lori paid back 1/3 of this debt and then paid back 1/4 of the remaining debt.

How much does Lori still owe her mother ?

It says here that Lori paid her mother back 1/3 of $39. Now, let's find out what 1/3 of $39.

39/1 x 1/3 = $13 So she paid $13 and she still owes 2/3 of $39.
So, we have to find out what 2/3 and here's how you find it, 39 - 13 = $26. She still owes her mom $26.

So, now its says here that she paid 1/4 of the remaining debt. Now, let's find out what 1/4 of $26.

26/1 x 1/4 = 6.50 She paid back $6.50 from $26. And she still owes 3/4. Now let's find out what 3/4 is. So you have to subtract $6.50 from $26 and this is how you do it, 26 - 6.50= $19.50.

So, Lori still owes her mother $19.50 .

I guess that's it. I hope you guys understand it :D PLEASE COMMENT ON MY MISTAKES !! Thank you for reading my post :)


Mr. B. said...

Thanks, Krissia. Fix dept to debt. Otherwise looks great.

linda 9-05 said...

Hi Krissia! Your post is really good! The only mistakes I found were the "dept" having to be "debt" and "Still" has to be lower case. It's under the question header. Great job, Krissia!

Karen9-05 said...

Good Job Krissia. Other than the mistakes Mr. B and Linda pointed out there's nothing else. You explained it very well and It wasn't confusing at all.

xtian 9-05 said...

good job Krissia on the scribe it looks perfect, and i agree with linda and Mr.B the only problem is the debt.....:)

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