The Spiral Rational Game

Sunday, January 10, 2010
The Spiral Rational Board Game Rules.

RED SPACES - Go back on space
BLUE SPACES - Pick up a card
GREEN SPACES - Go forward one space

- When you land on a blue space, someone (it could be anyone of the players) picks up a card and reads it to you, then you have to answer. If you got it wrong, you miss a turn, and if you got it correct, you are safe until your next turn.

How to start
- To start a game, you have to choose which colour cone you want to be. (UP TO 4 PLAYERS). To choose who goes first, each person gets to roll the die, whoever gets the highest gets to go first and the second person is the person who got the second highest and so on. The winner is the person who has reached to the finish line before everyone else.


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