Scribe Post For January 18 2010

Tuesday, January 19, 2010
This is going to be a short scribe. On Jan 18, we got our math test back. We went over all the answers, and Mr. B helped answer questions. Helped fix our mistakes.

This is a question most of the class got wrong.

We had to figure out the formula.

A of Square = 4² m²
A of Cirlce = pi r²
= pi 2²

(2.2)= 2²(2²)
= 4²

Formula is 2²(2² - pi )

Read 130-135
Work, Ask Questions Tomorrow
Show You Know
Check Your Understanding

I choose Rinorm for next scribe !


Zerlina905 said...

Great job Francias! I like the scribe even though you were late. You should have added some colour it seems pretty dull. Nice picture. Great job again!

melanie905 said...

Good job Francis! Your scribe was late, but it's all good. Better late than never, right? Well anyways... I liked how you showed a test correction along with a picture. But I still agree with Zerlina. You should've added some colour so it looks more appealing. More people will read it (:And you should've showed some examples from the homework. But overall, good scribe (;

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