Back N' 4th

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


1) You spin the spinner and who ever gets the highest number goes first.

2) The opposite person of who is going first then picks a card for the person and reads out the question. If they get it right they spin the spinner and what ever they get is the number of spaces they move. If they get the question wrong they have to spin the spinner and the number they get is the number of spaces they move backward. Note: The spinner only is up to #4.

3) You will have 2 different questions. Mental Math and Long Answer questions. The mental math questions must be in your head and the Long Answer questions are done on a pad. There is a timer and you will be timed. One minute for the Mental Math Questions and three minutes for the Long Answer questions. Note: The pad and pencils will be provided.

4) No peaking at the question’s answer, THAT’S CHEATING!

5) Who ever gets to the end first wins.


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