Spin A Win - Shaneille and Kristin

Monday, January 4, 2010
Spin A Win

Object:Get to the end of the board ( number 20) to win
Playing the Game:
1. Spin the spinner-Each number is divided into 2 sections. The coloured section is positive( remember your number)
2.Spin again -the non-coloured spaces are negative
3. Add the two together, to make a positive or negative number. The sum is the number of spaces you move. If you on 1 and you get a negative number you stay where you are.
Question Marks ??
If you land on a question mark, your partner gets to ask you a question. If you get it wrong nothing happens. If you get it right, move forward the amount of spaces on the card.
Spaces Marked X
If you land on an X, your partner gets to ask you a question. Get it wrong, you miss a turn. Get it right, you stay where you are.
First Person to Reach the the 20th space wins!
There are the rules for Spin A Win!


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