Order of Operatons

Friday, January 8, 2010
Hi "The Class" sorry my post was so late, by the way Mr. B asked me to scribe about BEDMAS or Order of Operations. BEDMAS stands for:







In order to solve a question with multiple operations (add/subtract, multiply/divide) there is an order to follow often referred to as 'BEDMAS'
BEDMAS is an acronym that stands for;
B-bracketsE-exponentsDM-multiply or divide (left to right)AS-add subtract (left to right).

This is to help students remember what order to do the work in.


  • As you can see above we started with brackets.
  • then we did the exponents.
  • Followed by multiplication or division
  • then end up adding or subtracting

I found a website where it explains all of it better than I am:


Yesterday Mr.B also assigned us some homework for the weekend:

  • Check your understanding
  • Practise(Odd Numbers)
  • Extend:17, 18 or 19, 20
  • Mathlink 3.3
  • Extra practise
  • work book 3.3
  • apply
  • self evalutaion

Please Comment For Any Mistakes. For the next Scribe I Choose..... Nicky!


Kim9-05 said...

good job but you forgot to that we also had to do apply?

oh and the self evauation too...

anyway good job!^^

Zerlina905 said...

Great job Christian! I like the "Please Comment" sign. You should have labeled your scribe "scribe" at the bottom and the title. How come you put Divid and out of the middle of nowhere you put order of operations in caps? You should have said that you do the mulitplying and dividing in the order they apear and same with the adding and subtracting. Good use of colours! Great job again!

melanie905 said...

Great scribe Christian! I liked how you used a lot of colours, and how you showed an example. Although, I agree with Kim and Zerlina. You forgot to mention some of the homework, and you should go over your work more carefully, to make sure you hadn't made any mistakes. Also, labels are very important! You should never forget them! Like what Mr.H said last year, you should always label first! Overall, great work!

angela905 said...

good job Christian! Great use of colours. Your sign (Please Comment) is nice too. One thing though, you should have put PEDMAS or PEDS. Since were in grade 9 now, it's parenthesis, just suggesting. Also you could have explained what happened in class more, stretch out your information a bit, and add another picture (at least 2 pictures per post). So your scribe would look longer, and more detailed. But overall, you did great.

shaneille 9-05 said...

Good job Christian! the please comment sign is cool.I like the colours you used, i agree with Angela that it is PEDMAS,because we are grade 9. Other then that great job!

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