Scribe Post Jan.21/10

Thursday, January 21, 2010
Hello 9-05!In the start of today's class we talked about the homework. After that Me and Rinorm didn't get anything he was saying so we asked about what a Scale Factor is.What Reduction meant and what enlargement meant.

Scale Factor-Is the Number you multiply the original number by to get an enlargement.

Reduction-A reduction has to have a scale factor greater than one but less than zero.

Enlargement-Is anything greater than one.

Mr.Backe gave us a sheet of paper with a bunch of shapes looking like a person. We had to make the original figure then enlarge it by two. The original looked like this.

Uhmm I couldn't upload any pictures.Sorry!! Ill go back in the near future and put them in next time I have a chance.okay?Well sorry about that.

Homework:The sheet that has all those things on it.yeah have fun.Oh yeah!the next scribe is....Hmmm..Dean Sauddin!!haha just because you sit beside me.PEACE!


Zerlina905 said...
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Zerlina905 said...

Great job Casey! You made a few minor grammer errors but it's not really noticable though. And is it really hard to press the space bar right after the puctuation at the end of a sentence? You should have added some colour, and some examples of enlargements and reductions, it would have made your scribe better. Oh yeah, and you shouldn't use last names, there's only one Dean in our class. Great job again!

melanie905 said...

Good job Casey! I liked how you showed the definitions of words you and Rinorm didn't understand. (Mr.Backè is proud of you)But like what Zerlina said, you should've added more colour. And always check for spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes. But overall good scribe (:

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