Wednesday, January 20, 2010
Hello, my fellow 9-05 classmates. Today, I will attempt to do a scribe for yesterday. I know what you are asking and nodding your heads about. I'm deeply sorry for missing my part in yesterday's scribe. Brendan (goatboy) wasn't at school and I didn't fill him in. By the way, beware for the harsh content that you are about to see. I'm just kidding you fools. Now listen up! Or in this case read..


If you are wondering what this is for its just measurements that Mr. Backe wanted us to understand. From smallest measurement to biggest measurement.
Next is the show you know question in between the pages 130-135.

This triangle is 2 cm long I think

shape-triangle.<span class=gif"> 

To enlarge it 3 times bigger you use this procedure
( / is actually the division sign, I can't use paint because it is "currently unavailable, please wait few months for it to get back to normal" -_-)

Another method:
x=33 1/3

That is all folks. Since you all were at school today. You should know the homework :)

And to make up for the missing of yesterday's scribe, I'm going to to today's too!

TODAY, we went to prairie theatre for a field trip to watch a play about human rights. It was called "Goodness"

Please tell me what I did wrong and I will decide whether I want to listen or not. I'm just kidding again! Thankyou for your time and patience.


Mr. B. said...

Rye norm, lose the equal signs between each equation please. 2/100 = 6/x; 2x = 600; 2x/2 = 600/2;x = 300.

Check your work.

Zerlina905 said...

Great job Rinorm! You should have added more colour, it would have made your scribe pop. And your picture doesn't load properly, I can't see it. How come you put in equal signs in between each of the expressions? It's not supposed to be there. But overall it was pretty good. Great job again!

Marc905 said...

Good Job!~ o.o agreed with the losing the equal sign, and yes adding color would be nice. I dont think I saw any picture..unless there was never one. I'm just looking at what Zerlina said.

angela905 said...

Great scribe! But in my opinion, you should have added more colour on your scribe, and also pictures. There was a picture right? But it doesn't show up at all. You should also take out the equals sign for the equations. Also, always check your work before you publish, just to make sure.

magicman8-41 said...

nice job rinorm!!i like that you added yesterdays scribe post..haha.nice!!good Job!!

melanie905 said...

HAHA (; juustkding. Well good scribe Rinorm! But yeah, what they said. You should've added some colour so it'll attract more readers. Nice to see all the work, but also like they said, always check everything before you click publish. Overall, good job (:

melanie905 said...

Ohhh and one more thing. Even though everyone was at math class, you should still post the homework, so people could double check if they're finished everything (;

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