Scribe Post: Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday, January 28, 2010
Hey 9-05! Anyways, today in math we started off by reviewing what we should have learned from yesterday's homework.

From our homework, we should have learn two important words: Angle & Side.
* The sum of all interior angles should equal to 180°

You should know 3 different ways to write an angle.

For example, we will try to say the 90° angle in the bottom left corner of the triangle.
may be written as:

∠B or ∠ABC or ∠CBA

*Remember to put the "Fancy" angle symbol

Next, we talked about naming sides, in 3 different ways.

For example we'll use side "C" or the "slanted side."
It may be written
AC or CA or b
I know, you're thinking what? Why "b"? Well it's for a simple reason actually.

*Opposite angles name the line, in other words; The side that is opposite of the angle, is named after that angle remember it

1:56 pm: We went to get our textbooks

After getting our textbooks, we reviewed some questions people were stuck on.

2:10 pm: We looked at question 6 on the giant paper with all the rectangles (Activity Sheet 6.2)

6) If the ratio of the lengths of two similar rectangles is 5 : 1, what will be the ratios of the areas?

You need to find the area of each square using the formula: A = S² Then, compare the areas.

A = S²
A = 5²
A = 25 u²

A = S²
A = 1²
A = 1 u²

The ratio of the area is: 25 : 1 *Ratios don't have unit values

2:14 pm: Aleiah asked an "Aleiah Question."

A few minutes later, we were given a question.

In the expression 1 : 8 what does the 1 stand for?
  • One thing (image) on the scale will be 8 times bigger
What does 5 : 2 mean?
  • 5 units will be 2 units
Where do you see enlargements and reductions in real-life?
  • Billboards
  • Blueprints
  • On your television
  • And a lot more!

Find "x".

1) Find out how 1.2 got to 3.96
2) Multiply how 1.2 got to 3.96 by the number on the other side (330).
3) Right down the product

I find this to be the easiest way, but there is another way you could solve this by.

Multiply 3.96 by 330 = 1306.8
Divide the product by 1.2 = 1089
x = 1089

  • Journal (everyday)
  • Study for our test which is supposedly TOMORROW!
  • There will be 16 questions on the test
  • There will be 1 "hard" triangle question
  • The test will also include scale diagrams, enlargements, and reductions (Chapter 4.1 & 4.2)
  • Leave a comment (:
Finally, the next scribe will be......T..R...A..C..E...Y..! Tracey! Good Luck(:


linda 9-05 said...

Hi Joseph! Wow, nice post. I like your use of colour and pictures. But you forgot to put the little square on the triangles to show that they're right angle triangles. Other than that, good job!

JosephD 9-05 said...

Thanks for the comment Linda (: Yea..I meant to not put the right angle "square things" to check if people were actually paying attention when they read scribes.

Brendan 9-05 said...

Great Scribe, Joseph!
You really explained what we did in class.
You even went into what time we were doing things, which I found interesting.
In addition, I thought that not putting the squares on the triangles was a good way to know who had read it or not.

NickyD905 said...

May I be the first, er, fourth to say great scribe Joseph. Not only did you give an excellent explanation of today's class but you did so in record time, with pictures! I must commend you on that. As for constructive criticism I have this to say: Keep it up!

melanie905 said...

Awesome scribe Joseph! I liked how you used a lot of colour. And your pictures are really great, too! The only 3 things I would like mention are:

1. When you said "side C" for the slanted side, I recommend using another variable, because people may get confused, because there is already an angle called C.

2. Also, when you said "opposite angles name the line," I didn't quite understand. "The side that is opposite of the angle, is named after that angle." would've made more sense to me.

3. And when you said "the ratio of the area is 20:1," isn't it supposed to be 25:1?

But overall, your scribe was a lot of help (:
Thanks for all the reminders, and GREAT SCRIBE again!

angela905 said...

Great scribe Joseph! Good use of colours and pictures. Also receording the time is a creative addition too. One thing though, at the beginning of class, Mr. B, asked us if we went to the: "sargent park gr9 math (homepage)". Because, we had some questions on chapter 4 there. So you could have mentioned that for homework. But I guess that's ok since there's a test tommorrow, and studying is more important. Overall, your scribe is great. :D

Mr. B. said...

Great job everyone. Study study study.... I don't think it is that hard....??

Anonymous said...


喝酒 said...


Zerlina905 said...

Great job Joseph! Nice scribe. You used colours and added a good amount of picures. You were even exact on time. Good explinations too. Great job again!

kara 9-05 said...

Great scribe Joseph! Sorry the comment is late, but at least I commented! You did a nice job explaining all that we did in class, and even when! I also like that the pictures are big and easy to understand. Overall, good work.

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