Scribe for January 25

Monday, January 25, 2010
Hello people that I know from my school, today Mr Backe wasn't here so we had math class in our homeroom. The whole class was pretty much a work period.

So YAY! Isn't this convenient for you guys stuck at home because of the snow or sickness.

If you DON'T REMEMBER THE HOMEWORK from last time we had to do....

  • 4.2 The whole section in our mathlinks hard coverbooks.

  • The worksheets from before if you didn't finish (the ones about volume ratios).

  • The foldy thing work sheet the one where there is work that you have to do and you have to fold the paper.

  • Any other textbook work that you didn't finish from before.

  • The chapter 4 introduction sheet.

Well thats all for now and if I have forgoten something about the homework from last time just comment because I am a sucky mc baby for not remembering.

The next scribe will be ANYBODY THAT HASN'T DONE A SECOND SCRIBE YET because I am being nice and not picking on anybody!

Dont even think about it nicky!


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