Scribe Post For January 6, 2010

Wednesday, January 6, 2010
Hello everyone! Oh my gosh, this is my first scribe for this year. Sorry again for not being able to comment on everyone's work, but I promise I will from now on!

So here's what we did in today's class:
1. We went over some of yesterday's homework.
2. Mr.B assigned some more homework.
3. The rest of the class was work period.

I was a little late for class today, so I missed when you guy's went over some of yesterday's homework. I'm so sorry );
Now I can't go over them...
But thanks to Tracey, Liem and Melissa for trying to help (;

Here's our homework:
(This is all the homework since our first day back. Just double check if you're finished everything.)

January 4, 2010
- finish "Self Assessment" (only 3.1 before)
- finish setting up your "Big Foldable" (labelled, stapled)
- finish setting up your "3 Point Approach Foldable" (labelled)
- read pg. 88-96
- "Check Your Understanding" in our Math Links Textbook (Pg. 96)
- "Get Ready" in our Math Links Workbook (Pg. 28-29)
- "Chapter 3 Math Link Introduction" in our handouts (everything but #6)
- "Using Exponents to Describe Numbers" in our Math Links Workbook (Pg. 30-31)
- Journal

January 5, 2010
- finish your "3 Point Approach Foldable" (definitions, examples)
- Math Links Homework in Textbooks (Pg. 97-98)
-- Practice (#9, #11, #13)
-- Apply (#15, #16, #17, #18, #19, #21)
-- Extend (#22, #23)
-- Math Link
- "Extra Practice" in our hand outs
- Journal

January 6, 2010
- Math Links Homework in Textbooks (Pg. 99-105)
-- read pg. 99-105
-- "Explore Operations on Powers" (Pg. 99)
-- "Reflect and Check" (Pg. 100)
-- "Show You Know's" (Pg. 101-104)
-- "Check Your Understanding" (Pg. 105)
- work on "Big Foldable"
-- repeated multiplication, standard form, exponential form
-- definitions, rules, examples
-- use "Key Words" in our Math Links Textbook (Pg. 105)
- Journal
- do your "Game Post"

Here are some examples from our homework:

Explore Operations on Powers Pg. 99 Textbook
1. The environmental club learns that the area of the plot of land is 64m^2.

a) What are the possible whole dimensions of the rectangular plot of land?
Note: a square IS a rectangle
1mx64m 2mx32m 4mx16m 8mx8m

b) What is 64 expressed as a base of 2?

c) Show how you can express each of the dimensions in part a) using bases of 2.
2^0x2^6 2^1x2^5 2^2x2^4 2^3x2^3
Reflect and Check Pg. 100 Textbook
a) Explain how you can write a product of powers as a single power. One way is to rewrite the multiplication statement in repeated multiplication, and the number of like factors will be the new exponent for the base.

b) Explain how you can write a quotient of powers as a single power. One way is to just see if the bases are the same. If they are, all you need to do is subtract the exponents. The difference is the new exponent for the base.

Show You Know Pg. 104 Textbook
a) (-5)^0 = 1
b) -5^0 = 1
c) -(5)^0 = 1
d) 5^0 = 1

Check Your Understanding Pg. 105 Textbook
1. Explain why (4^2)^5 = 4^10
Since brackets mean "multiply," 5x2=10 so therefore, they're equal.

You guys, remember the booklets Mr.B handed out before the break? The mental math ones? Well, I know some of you are either finished or still working on them, but I do know that some of us haven't even started them yet. I know that Mr.B isn't going to collect them anytime soon, but I think we should still do them. It's just for practice. We will be needing mental math skills in the future, so I guess it's just your choice. BUT... it will make MR.B HAPPY, if we DO do them ;D
Thanks for reading my scribe, please leave a comment, and sorry for the lateness!
I'll try my best to improve my speed!
For the next scribe, I pick........


melanie905 said...

I am so proud of my picture (; HAHAH!

Karen9-05 said...

heeeey melanie ! great job, really.. really great ! you did everything needed to do and more. i'll start with the mistakes first. there wasn't even lots probably just one or two. one of them is guy's it's suposed to be just guys, no appostrophe. I like your use of color, it is very PINK 8) anywho. yes you did everything and beyond. you put all work needed to be done which was really helpful because it can help people catch up with what is needed to be done and to do. you also did examples from out homework. really great job ! XD

Karen9-05 said...

btw, love the picture ;)

angela905 said...

great scribe Melanie! I really like the picture :D You explained everything great, and all the homework are posted. So thanks for that. Good job again :D

shaneille 9-05 said...

Great Job Melanie! I like the picture! You explained all the homework, and what we did in class. Really good job! (:

Zerlina905 said...

Great job Melanie! I like how you used purple but you should have added more colours too and some pictures for the examples. But the rest of your scribe was great! Great job again!

melanie905 said...

Thanks for the comments guys! I really appreciate the advice! I know that my posts are always really colourful, but some people were complaining, so I just wanted to try only one colour. But now that I know you guys like it, I'll continue to add more colour... but not TOO much (; Thanks again!

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