To: Mr. Backe :]

Thursday, December 17, 2009
Hi there Mr. Backe! This is Kara Heckert wishing you a happy holiday. We only get to be taught by an awesome teacher like you once! So keep up being a great math teacher! You have given us so much of your time to help us study for tests, help us with our homework, and go over and over and over a question that we just don't get, yet is so simple :] You helped to make us "THE CLASS" that we are, and I greatly thank you for that. Take as much time as you need to pull through, but I hope that you come back in the new year! Anyways.... HAPPY HOLIDAYS, AND HAPPY NEW YEAR TOO!

Here's a cute little picture to help cheer you up:

I hope that you like these posts made just for YOU Mr.Backe!


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