HI MR.Backe

Thursday, December 17, 2009
Hi Mr. Backe! how are you doing today. We really miss you but I bet it's not just us 9-05 but every one you know in school. I know it just for a short period of time, but you thought us a lot of stuff that we don't usually do. I know that the things that i just said doesn't make sense. but for me it does. Math is not just the same without you......Those days when you pull your trolley. By the way I don't have a Christmas gift for you. Anyway we all wish you a very merry Christmas and Happy New year>>>>> SEE YOU VERY SOOOOOON>>>>>

P.S Merry Christmas to all the teachers and Sargent park students

And you deserve this song from you tube Its a Tagalog but don't worry its just a Christmas song with English sub for you:



melanie905 said...

hahahah LOVE THE VID!

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