Mr. B

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hello Mr. B! How are you doing? Hopefully you and your family are alright. We ( I mean "The Class") really miss you. Thank you for helping us excel in Math and continue to be "The Class".

You're really a wonderful teacher. Why? Because, even though we students make mistakes, you're alright with that. Also, you're the only teacher that actually keeps on praising us and calling us "The Class". Then, there's our noise level, we're loud, and you actually don't mind, as long as we're doing our work. You're really one of the best teachers we ever had.
We really hope you come back soon Mr. B. Math class is not the same without you. Also all the mornings spent in 9-05, just finishing our math homework, isn't the same either. I know that life isn't all that wonderful, but what comes are challenges. And we'll always be there for you.

Always think positive, and remember that there's always hope.

Happy Holidays.


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