Scribe Post for December 9, 2009

Wednesday, December 9, 2009
Hey 9-05, today instead of going to the lab, we stayed at the class and got our tests back and did a lot of other stuff.

The first thing we did in class today was look over our tests! One question that a lot of us got wrong was question 25, c.

c) With a denominator of 14 and a numerator that makes a rational number in lowest terms.

For my answer I put 7/14, and I got it wrong.

What it really asked us was to find a number that you can't simplify, like 1/14 or 5/14. I thought you had to find a number that you can make into lowest terms, like making 7/14 into 1/2. But I was wrong.

A few other things that Backe said, was never make a train when finding out an answer and to also put the unit of what your measuring ( cm, m).

The other thing we did in class was our foldables, if you didn't do it here's the link to the instructions:


We also had to do a three point approach, here are the words:
exponential form
difference between
x x
(-5) -5
( the x's are suppose to be shown as squared)

Here's what homework has to be down by monday:

(next chapter)
3.1 foldable
Here's what you have to hand in your stash it:
number line
definitions chapter 2
self evaluation (completed)
journal, with one squared for Backe to read
2 tests, with parent signatures
For extra work:

* Game done by monday

That's my scribe! For the next scribe I choose Angela . Please comment!!!


kara 9-05 said...

FIRST! Great scribe Simran. I liked that you used a lot of colours and explained what we did today very well. The only thing that I might suggest is fixing your link, because when I click on it, it says that there is a problem. Other than that, good job.

angela905 said...

Good job Simran! Great use of colours and good explanations too. Also the use of emphasis on your words like bolding them, adds lots of meaning.You could have also used pictures to help you on the test questions. But overall, you did a great job. :)

Zerlina905 said...

Great job Simran! I really like all of the colours you used! Next time try to add a picture, it's always nice to have a picture everytime you blog. Your link doesn't work because when I clicked it, there was an error. But everything else was fine, great job again!

shaneille 9-05 said...

Good Job Simran! I liked the colours, and how you went over the test question that many people got wrong. I agree that you could have added a picture.

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