Scribe Post for December 8, 2009

Tuesday, December 8, 2009
Hi there 9-05, and others! Today in math class we had a test. I was worried that it was going to be difficult, because I thought that we had to multiply and divide decimals the long way, but we didn't, so it turned out to not be that hard.

I don't remember exactly what the questions were on the test, so I'll put some questions that are similar.

1) 2/7 + 1/9 =
18/63 + 7/63 = -Find common denominators.
25/63 = -Add. You can't simplify because the two numbers don't have a common multiple.

2) √1.96=
√196= -Remove the decimal for now to make square rooting easier.
14 -Find the square root.
√ 1.96= 1.4 -Add the decimal back in where it belongs.

3) √ 7, to the nearest hundredth.
I'll estimate first to help me make sure that the answer is close.

√9 is 3, and the √4 is 2, so the answer must be between 2 and 3.
√ 7 is closer to 9, so the answer might be 2.6.
√ 7=2.65

After the test we got some sheets of paper for our new unit.
The first foldable looks exactly like your old one from the last unit, like this :

Look on page 90 in the textbook for how to make the second foldable. It should look like this:

:Journal (like always)
:Work on the unit #2 foldables (if your not already done them)
:Make your foldables for the third unit.
For the next scribe I pick..... SIMRAN!!!

I hope that my scribe was okay, but if something is wrong, please feel free to COMMENT :)


Karen9-05 said...

WOW Kara! You did a really great job. Even though it is a test scribe you blogged a lot. You put up some questions in the test and even though you didnt remember it you still tried to by putting similar questions to help people. it helped me for sure. thank you for also putting up how to do the new foldables, the middle of the blue one was really confusing. the pictures really helped. Good Job and keep it up (:

Karen9-05 said...

oooh I'M FIRST ! for the first time :D

linda 9-05 said...

KARA! 9ice post! It felt like you were actually talking me through the whole day! I also liked that you had an actual radical symbol! Those are difficult to find. For me, anyways. But you forgot to label your foldables. Don't forget! It could be troublesome for you later on. You might also want to try explaining one or two word problems because, for me, I know I have most difficulties with word problems. Your use of colour is great, and I like that you showed a picture of your foldables. It shows great effort! Very nicely done, Kara!

Zerlina905 said...

Great job Kara! Sorry for the late comment! I really like your pictures and colours. Great job in showing how to fold the foldables! Great use of colour too! Nice Job!

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