Scribe for December 7, 2009

Monday, December 7, 2009
Sorry about the somewhat late post! I fell asleep and forgot all about it until I thought about the test and I was like, oh, who's the scribe?

Today we went over textbook questions that we had trouble with.

One question we went over was number 27.
The surface area of a cube is 100cm squared. Determine the edge length of the cube, to the nearest tenth of a centimetre.

The only thing you know about the cube right now is that the surface area is 100 cm squared.

There are 6 faces on a cube so to get the area of one face of the cube you have to divide it by 6.

This is the area of one face. You have to get the side length so you have to square root it. Mr. Backe said that you didn't have to try so hard with 16 2/3 so he said to just punch in this in our calculators:

The side length is 4.082 which rounded to the nearest tenth of a centimeter is 4.1. So the side length of a cube with a surface area of 100 cm squared, is 4.1 cm.

(Sorry about the pictures. My paint thing is broken so I couldn't put in text so I had to hand write them.)
After that, we were told to do the following:
Math Workbook Chapter Link pg 24 and 25
Math Workbook Chapter 1-2 Review pg 26 and 27 I think OR Chapter 2 Practice Test pg 84 and 85
I think I might be missing something or something so if you find any mistakes feel free to tell me.
I pick Kara as the next scribe.


linda 9-05 said...

Hey Aleiah! This is a great post! There wasn't really any errors, so I guess something to improve on is maybe use more bold font to emphasize important keywords when explaining a question, just to change it around a bit. It was just an idea. Great job, again!

Karen9-05 said...

Great job Aleiah! good use of color and pictures (: it's PINK ;)you explained things really well. Keep up the good work (;

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