For Mr. Backe

Friday, December 18, 2009
Hi Mr. Backe! I hope you are enjoying your holidays. We all miss you very much. You can tell because we're all making a post saying how much we miss you. You know people like you when they blog about it.

much. Math just isn't the same without you ^-^. Well, we barely did any math, but it still wasn't the same. Anyway, I know things may be, different this year, but I hope we can hear you joking around once again. I know we all miss your jokes

Well sorry there's no picture (let's just focus on the care that went into this post). Well I wish you a merry christmaaaaaasss, and a haaappyyyy neeewww yeeaaaarr!!! (I tried to make it sound like the song.....)

\(>_<\) \(^_^)/ (/-_-)/


shaneille 9-05 said...

nice song ( rolls eyes ) :)

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