Wednesday, April 14,2010 Test Scribe!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010
Hello 9-05, so today in math class we had "the hardest math test in history"...
it was on

To anyone who hasn't taken it yet, you should maybe bring some defibrillators( a device that gives you a jolt in order to start your heart again. *yells clear*) because you might be knocked unconscious by the difficulty of the test.


Now back to the test.
So I don't remember most of the questions on the test since we just wrote it today. I will be giving examples pertaining to the test questions.

*If you still don't understand the questions then you should ask Mr. B, he will


-Create a Table of Values

-Now Figure out the pattern

Here's a table instead, because I thought it would be easier for me to explain it, and you would understand it.
*You don't have to do this but this is to show you how to figure out the pattern

- How many squares are in Figure 8

2) There was also questions that included
- Examining the graphs
-Interpolating Extrapolating
- and answering the questions provided

3) There are 3 topping of Ice cream, how many different ways are there
But you can switch around the letters like this: CS <---- Yes
or SC <----- No

-Sprinkles = S
-Cookies = C
-chocolate chips =
- Bubble gum = BG

You could do:

There's 6 Different ways

* Read the Questions carefully on the test

-Be ready to hand in your stash its soon.

*Look back later to see what Mr.B wants us to put in it.

-Chapter 6 work

-New chapter 8 sheets (Math link Intro &

I Leave you with some humour :)
Enjoy! ( It starts at "Welcome")
I think the next scribe is Casey!
Thanks for reading and Please Comment!
(If you don't want to wait tell the beginning then go this link


NickyD905 said...

Very nice scribe Brendan. Your use of humour and imagery is very well done. I also like how you gave examples of things that pertain to the test, but are not direct excerpts. However, keep an eye on your tenses. Very nice scribe regardless. Keep up the good work.

kara 9-05 said...

Good scribe Brendan! You didn't give the test away or anything, but you did give examples, which is great! Your scribe is pretty funny too! Nice work!

Vikram 9-05 said...

You have a pretty good scribe here Brendan. The use of color really brightened up your post. Though it looks like you missed something when you were mentioning the homework (Math link Intro &), it looks like it supposed to go on. But other than that good job on the scribe.

Anonymous said...

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