Scribe for April 26

Monday, April 26, 2010
Hello 9-05 welcome back from a long break. Well now it's time for more school and yes we had math today.

Today we talked about question 21 in section 8.3 (textbook). The question went a little something like this......

A square picture is made out of wood that is 1.6 cm wide. The perimeter of the outside of the frame is 75.2 cm. What is the side length of the largest square picture that the frame will display?

Well really what the question is asking you is what the side length of the middle square is.

Now to solve this you have to look at the width first.

Since you know that the width is 1.6 cm and it will also be 1.6 cm on the other side between the small square and the perimeter, you can multiply 1.6 cm by two.

Once you get your answer which is 3.2, you have to divide 75.2 (perimeter) by 4 so you could get the side length each side of the outside of the frame. You want to do this because if you multiply 3.2 (width times 2) by the side length of the outside which 18.2 you will get the side length of the inside square.

Did you get an answer of 15.6? Well if you did then you have got the right answer.

After solving that question we went onto question 27 also in section 8.3 (textbook) which was even difficult for Mr. Backe to solve. Well here is the question...

Tahir is training for an upcoming cross-country meet. He runs 13 km, three times a week. His goal is to increase his average speed by 1.5 km/h, so that he can complete each run in 1 1/4. How long does he take to complete each run now, to the nearest tenth of a minute. Solve this problem in two different ways.

Well I am not really sure how to solve this but this is what Mr.Backe did.

Thats all for today and sorry it is so late. Bye.


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