Scribe Post for April 8, 2010

Thursday, April 8, 2010
Hello lets start right away, today in class Mr. B talked about question 19 in the math text book. which looked like this:

Now here is the formula

Time to plug in the numbers

Next you see if you can cancel out anything.

As you can see, 9.8 is being divided by s. On the other side 29.16 is being multiplied by s. So since multiply and divide are opposites they the s's cancel out each other.

Last part is to solve it

Well that's it for that question, Mr B. also mentioned a interrupted graph which looks like this

When there is no set of data for a large portion after the origin you use an interrupted graph.

For the rest of class was a work period for the homework that is due Monday, which is :
6.3 Textbook ALL SYK, ALL CYU
Practice 4-7, 8, and 10
Apply 13, 15, 17

Extend 19, 20 or 21
Math link
Extra Practice

Work Book

That is all due Monday, and don't forget to study for the test on Monday

That's it for my scribe, sorry I didn't get it done before 7 Mr. B. Sorry if I made a mistake, and if you can't see the pictures just click on them.


Mr. B. said...

Test is Wednesday.

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