Scribe Post for April 5, 2010

Monday, April 5, 2010
HELLO PEOPLES!! :D Spring Break is finally over, Monday first day back to school (:
how was your Spring Break 9-05? Did you do homework assigned for us over the break? I know...I didn't do it either..I did half (: I hope you guys had a good break though.
k, so first day back to school and we got homework assigned for us already..
  • 6.2 workbook
  • 6.2 Extra Practice
  • 6.2 Textbook
  • SYK page 223, 225
  • Read Key Ideas
  • CYU page 226 #1, place in foldable
  • Practise # 4 or 6, 7, 8 or 9 or 10, 11
  • Apply: ALL
  • Extend 18 or 19
  • Mathlink page 230 in foldable (use Mathlink handouts for help
ALL DUE Thursday, April 8.
There's possibly a test next week, just reminding everybody! :D

Make sure you guys also did our past homework: ALL OF 6.1 STUFF, so you're caught up.

So we didn't really do anything in class today, we just did questions that we didn't really understand. There were only two:
Check Your Understanding #2:

and Extend #16

I'd explain and review everything but I don't have time, I'm sorry. You guys probably got in class today.

So quick review to freshen up everybody's minds:
Chapter 6: Linear Relations
6.1 - Representing Patterns

Quick Overview...

I'm sorry I didn't really help. I really don't have time to review the 2 questions and make a better overview of what we're learning.


angela905 said...

Good job Karen for posting up the homework. Your pictures were great too. It would have been better if you explained the questions. Anyways great scribe. :)

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