Alyanna's Journal Entry :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010
Hey there :) , Sorry this is late.. I kept forgetting my journal in my locker -_-" I finally remembered to take it home.. cause Backe wrote it on my hand. Or should I say my finger -_-" Beautiful..

Anyways .. I will talk about something in Chapter 6. This is coming straight from my journal. When you read it dont make fun of me -_-" I talk as if my journal is a diary.. LOL. So here it goes :)

Today in class, Backe asked if we have any questions or anything. No one did suprisingly.. The class was so quiete.. It was amazing. Well after that, he started talking about some patterns and things. Well there went the class.. We were talking about some pictures or something. Wait i'll show you. Just wait let me draw it :)

See this is what we are learning. We have to find out what the how many squares are in the fourth and fifth figure and the "linear equation" or something. Well yeah, I'm so lost.. Like you don't even understand.. But wait, I'll ask questions BE RIGHT BACK.

Okay I'm back.. Hey there! Well my questions helped me, I get it know ! yay me :) I'm going to go do it on my loose leaf! Bye Journal :) I wrote a lot in you today ! yay me :)


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