Scribe Post for April 12 :)

Monday, April 12, 2010
Hi it's Alyanna :) Well I dont really have anything to scribe about.. But today in class we we're in the computer lab. Its been awhile .. In the lab we got this question.. which i'll try to remember because I didnt bring my binder home today. Fail -_-"

Simran charges a flat rate of $15 per call plus an hourly rate of $3.50. Liem charges $10 per call plus an hourly rate of $4.25. How long of a call would they charge the same amount?

So, we were suppose to graph this question on Excel. I would show you how but unfortunetly I don't have it. -_-" I use to but since my computer got upgraded.. It disappeared. Sorry guys, I'm a fail -_-"

Well, thats practically all we did in class. We also got our Stash-its back! Its about time... AHAHA. ^_^

We ended the class by going on , and played Saving the Zogs. Tehehe :) Well that's all, bye guys !


CandyMath said...

Simran's rate = 15 + 3.5/hour
Liem's rate = 10 + 4.25/hour.
Let's say for a call of x hours, both charges comes out to be same. So we can write :
15 + 3.5*x = 10 + 4.25*x , Simplifyng :
15-10 = 4.25*x - 3.5*x
5 = 0.75*x
x = 5/0.75
x = 6.66 hours.

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