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Wednesday, April 28, 2010
Note: I'm sorry for the super late post Mr. Backe and class, my computer got a virus and was sent to be fixed last Monday and I just got it back today so I am really, really sorry.

February 23, 2010

So today, Mr. Backe gave us questions to identify the number of terms, name and degree of an expression like this:

I think it's pretty easy but he let's us practice because he wants to make sure that we all get it because this stuff is important. He also mentioned polynomials being part of what we need for Grade 10 especially for people taking Pre-Cal. He' going to be talking more and more about it and he's going to teach us "fun" Grade 10 stuff. I never found Math "fun" but maybe it will be. He also made us do matching words (match words and definition). It was really easy because all of the words were in my notes and I know almost all of them except for like terms, terms that only differ only by their numerical coefficients. After, he assigned us assignments, questions from the textbooks, and then he stopped talking and let us do our own work, quietly. I wasn't quiet and he knows that...I finished 5 questions though (:
It's hard for me to do work in class, I need a silent environment and plus and get distracted easily.


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