Scribe April 19, 2010

Monday, April 19, 2010
Hello 9-05. Today i didn't really take good notes today but Ill type what i have down. So today in class we started giving back our foldables which alot of us including me didn't hand in yet. I then Mr. Backe yelled at us and blah blah blah... Okay well after that we talked about our homework on 8.1. Then most of the class he th0ught us things that i think were new things unless I am mistaken. Anyways I didnt get what Joseph said about the recirpical but i got this stuff. I hope you understand... Enjoy!!!

One of the questions he gave us too solve is....

ax+b=c .

I cant really show how to work it out but what you do is divide both by "A" and minus "C" by "B".

it should look like this...

__ __ x=c-b
a . a . __
. a

The dots are here^^ because I can't move it over without anything there.
Sorry if its really bad!


magicman8-41 said...

sorry. all of it was supposed to be underneath. my paint wasnt working.

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